Is .375 Ruger ammo available in Africa?



Is the .375 Ruger caliber common enough in southern Africa for a hunter to buy ammunition if he had problems in transit and his ammo did not arrive in Africa?




Albeit slowly, the .375 Ruger is definitely growing in popularity in southern Africa, and well it should be--it's a good cartridge with lots of potential, especially for the reloader.

I have just conducted a quick survey and yes, Hornady factory ammo for this caliber/cartridge combination is currently available from some of the better-stocked gunshops in the big South African cities like Johnnesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town.  

It is quite expensive, mind you, at between USD $90 to $100 for a box of 20, but at least it can be obtained, and there are three bullet options: 270 grain SP, 300 grain DGX, and similar weight DGS.  

Similar ammo is also available in the Namibian capital, Windhoek, for pretty much the same price.

If or when you visit this part of the world, you'll more than likely fly into the international airport in Johannesburg or Windhoek. Should your .375 Ruger ammo not make it that far, you'll be able to obtain replacements, not too far away. From these cities, safari clients then usually fly on to other destinations and from that stage onward I think you'll struggle to find this ammo. I very much doubt you'll find it in the bigger cities or towns of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, or Botswana.

These countries do not have any well-stocked gunshops like there are in South Africa or Namibia, so if your ammo goes missing at this stage of your journey, you'll have a problem. With time, I'm sure this situation will change, but as it now stands, finding .375 Ruger ammo in a remote safari camp is highly unlikely.

Most dangerous-game PHs will have a couple of suitably large-caliber rifles in camp, (in fact, most carry a spare "client" rifle, in their hunting cars just in case) and a .375 H&H is the most commonly available caliber.

The .30-06, .375 H&H, .416 Rigby (or Remington), .458 Lott, .470 NE, and .500 NE are by far the most commonly found rifle calibers in a dangerous game safari camps, and it makes sense to me to recommend the use one or more of them for your safari, especially if you are traveling to a very remote location.


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