An All-round Dangerous Game Rifle



I am considering a dangerous-game rifle for North America as well as trips to Africa for plains game and buffalo. I would prefer an all-weather rifle. Please give me your recommendations for best rifle and caliber.





I hope this is not a boring reply because I have answered such questions before, but the best option for a single African plains game/buffalo rifle is still the good old .375 H&H.

Thanks to modern day bullets, and there are many of the highest quality, the .375 H&H can handle 210-grainers up to 380s. This covers all the bases and such a combination is shooter-friendly to boot. For buffalo, my experience is that 350- and 380-grainers work best, and for general plains game I like flat-shooting 260-grainers.  

To be honest, I do not like all-weather rifles - I am old-fashioned when it comes to rifles -- give me good walnut and blued steel any day.  

So what .375 H&H rifle I would recommend will depend on the depth of your pockets.

At the top end of the scale I would recommend you have a look at Kilimanjaro's Doctari model DG rifle.  They will make you one in .375H&H.  This rifle is on my design and we went to great lengths to get it right.  It has some unique features that set it apart and Kilimanjaro can make these rifles as weatherproof as you like.  Such a rifle will set you back about $ 15,000.  A lot, I realize, but they really are special.

At a lower level --about $5,000--I would recommend that you get in contact with Wayne Jacobson of American Hunting Rifles.  Wayne is a specialist in tarting-up CZ rifles.  He does a fantastic job and the options he offers are considerable.  I have used his rifles and they come highly recommended.

Your next option is to go for an off-the-shelf .375 H&H rifle and there you have three options.

1. Ruger M 77 MK II.  A well-made heavy and serviceable rifle, for a little under $2,000 I think

2.  The new Winchester Super Express--a modern day pre '64 and one of the best out of the box .375s available today.

3.  A CZ 550 Safari Magnum -- sturdy and robust. A bit rough around the edges but with a wonderful reputation for reliability.

Whichever you choose, make sure it fits you perfectly when the scope is permanently mounted. You may need a bit of professional help with this.

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