Best Weight for a .416 Rigby


I am planning on having a custom .416 Rigby built. What should the weight of this rifle be in order for the recoil to be relatively comfortable?



The .416 Rigby is a fine cartridge with a wonderful African reputation, but for the inexperienced, it can be one of the more difficult big-bore cartridges to master due to the recoil it generates.

To best tame this, I believe such rifles should weigh at least 10.5 pounds when scoped and fully loaded with either three or four cartridges. I strongly urge you not to go below this weight. In fact, 11 pounds would be even better, if you can handle this amount of weight.

Well-made custom rifles should be well balanced when it comes to both handling and carrying. The latter is very important, simply because such rifles, out here in Africa anyway, are carried a lot more that they are shot.  

Rifles that carry well always seem lighter than they actually are, and well-balanced rifles always handle similarly--as if they are lighter than the scale indicates. With poorly made rifles, the opposite applies.  They handle like fence posts and carry like tree stumps!

If whoever is making your rifle knows his stuff, he should be able to craft you a 10.5 or 11 pounder that carries like a dream, balances like a Purdey and hits like a Howitzer!


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