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A new round created by North Fork specifically for hunting lions and leopards proves a winner in the field.


by Kevin Robertson

Africa’s big, dangerous felines, the lion and leopard, differ in their anatomical and physiological makeup from the rest of the continent’s game species. While heavily muscled, especially in the shoulder region, they are thin-skinned and lightly boned.


The lightest rifles and scopes on the market.

By Ron Spomer

Heading for a mountain hunt? You'll want an ultralight rifle and scope combination that doesn't sacrifice performance. Here are some of the high-quality, true lightweights on the market today.

Bolt-Action Rifles

Bansner’s Ultimate Rifles Alpine Hunter ( from 5.75 pounds

Borden Lightweight Rimrock ( from 5.6 pounds

Browning X-Bolt Micro Hunter ( from 5.9 pounds

Forbes Rifles, LLC ( from 5 pounds

Kimber 84M Montana ( from 5.1 pounds

Kilimanjaro Tigercat ( from 5.8 pounds

H-S Precision PHL ( from 5.9 pounds

MG Arms Ultra-Light ( from 4.75 pounds

New Ultra Light Arms M20 ( from 5 pounds


A new rifle engineered for the serious female hunter.

by Diana Rupp

With the introduction of the new Model 11/111 Lady Hunter, Savage Arms is one of the first rifle manufacturers to design a rifle specifically for women. Most gunmakers seem to think a “lady’s” rifle is just a standard rifle with the stock cut down and maybe some pink highlights, but the engineers at Savage consulted with serious women hunters (yours truly included) and discovered that there is a lot more to it than that.


Life-size (and smaller) targets to help you get ready for your Cape buffalo safari.


If you're planning to take on dangerous game in Africa, it's very important to practice with your big-bore rifle under the most realistic conditions possible. With this life-size buffalo target, you can set up a training regimen that's as realistic as it gets. You'll need the right range setup, but if you have a place for it, this target is the ideal way to get realistic shooting practice with your dangerous-game rifle at the same distances you'll be shooting at buffalo on your safari. The target is 5 feet high and 8 feet long, and is printed on lightweight, weather-resistant, corrugated plastic board that folds up into five sections.


Life-size freestanding buffalo target.


The new Ram Outdoorsman is designed to be the ultimate hunting truck. We put it to the test in the New Mexico backcountry.

By Diana Rupp
The new Ram Outdoorsman 1500.