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The New i-Bolt Rifle

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Smith & Wesson Goes Hunting With The New i-Bolt Rifle

Best known for its selection of high-grade revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, Smith & Wesson has started a new era with the introduction of the i-Bolt™ rifle. Simple yet sophisticated, the new i-Bolt continues the company’s legacy by delivering unmatched durability and consistent reliability in an innovative centerfire rifle.

First debuted at the 2007 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, the i-Bolt incorporates several patent-pending features, including an externally adjustable trigger, a new bolt release, and a synthetic stock design engineered for stability, easy handling and comfort. Today, consumers can select the i-Bolt with either a black synthetic stock or a Realtree® AP HD™ synthetic stock along with their choice of a blued receiver and barrel or the patented Weather Shield™ finish from Thompson/Center Arms. Chambered in 25-06, .270 and .30-06, the i-Bolt delivers remarkable out-of-the-box accuracy.

“The i-Bolt signifies a new chapter in the history of Smith & Wesson,” said Leland Nichols, President and COO of Smith & Wesson Corp., a division of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. “Now, hunters and shooters alike will have the opportunity to own what we believe is among the most innovative, reliable and accurate production bolt-action rifles available. Featuring an innovative design and patented technology, we believe the new i-Bolt will quickly change the expectations of consumers worldwide.”

At the heart of the i-Bolt is the Smith & Wesson patent pending E-Z Turn™ bolt release. A breakthrough design, the bolt release requires no side-buttons or mechanical parts. To extract the bolt, the user must simply push, turn and release. The aggressive three-lug bolt features a short 60-degree travel and a flattop bolt handle with the Smith & Wesson logo adorned on the surface. At the rear of the bolt, via a “boat-tail” contour design, a cocking indicator is present.

Another innovative i-Bolt feature is the patent-pending Tru-Set™ trigger. This feature allows the user to adjust the trigger pull from 3 to 6 pounds without removing the barreled action from the stock. When engaging the trigger, shooters will appreciate the enlarged trigger guard and its downward slope, which has been designed for easier trigger acquisition. As part of the fire control system, the i-Bolt features a three-position, semi-lineal safety that is easily maneuvered and very user friendly.

For increased accuracy and durability, the i-Bolt features a 23-inch, free-floated Thompson/Center precision match grade barrel with a twist rate of 1 in 10 inches and a 90-degree target crown. On top of the barrel, the i-Bolt features a one-piece weaver scope mount. This unique one-piece design incorporates a Posi-Lug™ recoil lug, which helps to secure the mount in front of the ejection port while adding scope stability during recoil. The i-Bolt rifle also features flush sling swivel mounts.

With a constant eye towards innovation, Smith & Wesson continues to develop new products that blend classic form with today’s technological advancements. By delivering legendary performance and pride, Smith & Wesson welcomes a whole new range of classical hunters into the fold with the i-Bolt rifle.

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